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Our Solutions

Fuga is a revolutionary creative automation cloud-based technology for the retail industry.

1. Marketing (Studio) - Harness the power of AI to create your marketing materials in seconds while transforming both your print and digital assets into on-brand dynamic templates customized to your database and photos.

2. In-store - Convert your in-store promotions into a powerful advertising tool using digital screens and printed visuals, all accessible with a single click.

3. DAM - Cloud-based digital assets management for retail.

Growth in Sales


Maximize your reach with personalized content that delivers the right message at the right time.

Super powers


Skip the hassle of back-and-forth between marketing and creative departments. Save time and money while maximizing content creation.

A boost


Let your team focus on telling the story while automation delivers them from all the mundane work.

Our Secret Power

A robust creative automation platform, built with intelligence

We give you all the tools your teams need to boost their creative work. This way they can focus on what really matters: Creativity.

Job Editor

This is where all teams collaborate

Smart Resizing

Resize banners like magic


Our DAM is tailored for retail assets

Compositions Builder

Auto-build compositions on the fly

Smart Layouts

Give your templates the touch of an artist


Work on one document/ad/asset with many versions of it


Every team needs collaboration tools


Our API is simple yet strong

Our company was experiencing rapid growth, so we needed a rock solid platform to support us, and FUGA Tech enabled us to reach new heights.

Jane Warren
Customer, CEO

About the Company →

As retailers and advertising professionals can attest, traditional methods of producing the wide range of promotional materials for today’s businesses have become too costly, too labor-intensive, and mainly too slow. That's what we're here to fix at Fuga Technologies.

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